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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A tip from a fellow housing hunter: all information that you enter on the UMass off-campus housing page (once there, click on "search rental listings") affects the search results. I know this sounds like an obvious, unnecessary observation, but if you are looking for something for September 1st, say, and enter that date as the 'start date', you are often not able to see the 'flexible' move in dates, the 'August' move in dates, etc. Those landlords that want to rent their apartments in June, July, and August often cannot (most people head out of town after school), so that housing option may be available even as late as September 1st. Also, you don't have to put anything in for the 'start date' or 'end date' (that might be the best way to search because that way the 'flexible' start/end dates do appear). Suerte!



Oh yes home sweet home it is even if your under water on your mortgage.

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