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Welcome to the Amherst Housing Blog! Here you can follow my search for adequate housing, learn a few tricks, avoid scams, get the low down on the rental scene, and post your own stories. This is meant to help all of you through the process and to keep these often wealthy, often unscrupulous landlords in check!! See sister Amherst Life Blog -

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

After viewing nearly twenty apartments in Amherst, MA, I have befriended four dogs, two cats, and a monkey (legal?); mastered the art of describing my life story in 45 seconds; fallen through one floorboard; and -- imagine this one -- have still not found a place that is affordable, clean, and close to UMass. So I offer this first posting to all of you 5-College students on the housing prowl. Click away:

Amherst Rent Site
UMass Housing Page
Craigslist for Western Mass.
For Info on Electric Bills


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Though it may be legal to have a pet monkey, you may want to check out the following site:

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